Pinoy Recruiters Will Build Your Downline for You!

I love the transparency of Pinoy Recruiters and what it's vision is for growing a huge organization for everyone who takes action and gets started now in the Penny Matrix.

Together we can help out those people around the world with this simple $7 program that can return thousands in monthly income very quickly as Tracy Davidson launches his10k plus company, Pinoy Recruiters.

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I recently finished a fabulous book called The Book of Afformations by Noah St. John. If  you are into self development or a student of using positive affirmations I highly recommend applying the concepts Noah talks about in this book.

The Book of Afformations NOT Affirmations

One of the main reasons behind creating The Book of Afformations was the fact that when we say affirmations, such as “I am a millionaire” or “I am the greatest recruiter” most of us do not truly believe it subconsciously. Many times deep down inside we silently tell ourselves… “Yeah, right”… after making statements that do not reflect our present reality. This is why many people struggle, even though they may be using positive affirmations. It is like they are beaten even before leaving the starting gate.

However, what The Book of Afformations teaches us is that our minds DO respond to questions. In other words, our minds unconsciously seek to answer the questions we ask ourselves.

The Book of Afformations – Ask the Right Questions and Get Results!

Often people ask bad questions in response to current situations such as “Why am I so broke?” … or “Why doesn’t anyone like me?” … They then tend to get the results they do not want because they are programming their mind to seek answers that support those negative questions.

It is this understanding that author Noah St. John builds upon to develop the strategy of using afformations or positive questions that reflect what we want in our lives. By conditioning our minds with afformations or the right questions we then are telling our subconscious mind to seek a solution to support reaching our goals and desires in life!

What I really love about The Book of Afformations is that it encourages you to focus on anything you struggle with and turn it into a positive based question that will help you live a successful life.

Here are some examples of afformations that comes to mind:

Why does God love me?
Why am I so grateful for what I have?
Why am I so efficient?
Why are successful people attracted to me?
Why am I so good at recruiting?
Why do I love to eat healthy foods and exercise… etc…

Another important point is that you can apply this to improve any area of your life!

Interested in getting The Book of Afformations? Click Here!

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Best Low Cost Business Opportunity with a Viral Kicker!

Are you looking for the best low cost business opportunity? What if I told you that there was a low  cost online business opportunity where you could access a team of recruiters who recruit for you AND in addition you could position yourself now to benefit from the spillover caused by hundreds of thousands of members that are joining in the next 30-60 days?

Get into the Best Low Cost Business Opportunity NOW and Grow Fast

If you are considering getting into the best low cost business opportunity now, you are definitely in the right spot want as Tracy Davidson is moving his entire organization of 222,000 into PME Books (Penny Matrix).

Why??? It only costs $7 to join making it an attractive Global opportunity affordable for everyone and the potential is huge due to the viral nature of working together to help everyone succeed (massive spillover) using a simple 2×14 matrix structure. A full matrix pays approximately $6500 per month with no personal recruits and with a 100% percent matching bonus you can make 19k+ per month with just 2 direct referrals.

Our team is even part of a Facebook group called the Penny Powerline Movement.  The idea here is to expose more people via Facebook to the best low cost business opportunity they may have ever seen. The great part about this group is that it helps to promote and signup new members into your matrix as well as provide a communication center for people to network and learn more.

Within 24 hrs of setting up the group we had over 19,600 members, many of whom signed up in the penny matrix based on what they saw in the group! Here is the group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pennypowerlinemovement/ Here is a video that explains:

What’s the Next Step?

1) Do not over think this…  Get positioned now for just $7 per month by clicking here.
2) Follow Tracy’s recommendation and get 2 personals within the next 2 hrs.
3. Contact me for some marketing tips and suggestions on how to market this program for results!!

I can also get you in touch with the Pinoy Recruiter Agent for our team if you are interested in buying personal signups… (which I recommend if you are serious).

I look forward to working with you!

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Penny Matrix – the Good, Bad and the Ugly

Are you wondering if it is possible to make money with Penny Matrix?

A quickie answer from me would be yes! However, answering a better question may be in your best interest …

Let me get back to that after I explain who I am and where I am coming from.

As a veteran marketer for over 10 years with a full time job and a family of five I have seen and been involved with many different money making opportunities. This includes most network marketing and affiliate marketing programs. I have experienced making money as well as losing money in just about every compensation plan on planet earth… so I think I can provide some valuable feedback on the Penny Matrix income opportunity since I have been in many of these matrix programs.


The Good – What Makes the Penny Matrix Opportunity So Attractive?


The Penny Matrix overall concept is based on simplicity and ease of access for people to get involved. With a $7 price point it is affordable for everyone. The structure of the business is based on a 2×2 matrix through 14 levels, which is easy to understand. Each person has 2 directly under them resulting in levels of 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on. If you fill up the matrix you can make $6553.20 and if you sign-up 2 people who do the same you make $19,659.60 due to a 100% matching bonus on all personal recruits.

Now if you think about the above factors, it is easy to realize that it should be no problem to get a lot of people interested to join, especially since it is only a $7 opportunity. Also, because you can only have 2 people under you in the matrix, there is a high probability of spillover. These features attract a lot of people to the Penny Matrix. However, as you may have guessed, there are some drawbacks with this type of price point that you want to be aware of.

The Bad and Ugly of the Penny Matrix Opportunity

After watching the video above or on my capture page, you may be tempted to join Penny Matrix now. I want you to be aware however, of a few challenges and know what to expect in your journey of building this type of business.

First of all, because Penny Matrix is a low priced opportunity, you will more than likely find yourself dealing with people who join and do nothing. This is because there is nothing to lose… it’s only $7! In addition, it will take a lot of people (and time) to get to a level where you are making decent money if you are not planning on doing a lot of personal recruiting. This is because the Penny Matrix compensation plan pays out only $ .30 for every person in your matrix but for active builders it pays a 100% matching bonus on all personal downline recruits to infinity.

In other words… it is best to take advantage of the low price point and sign-up as many people personally into your downline as fast as possible. This is so you can benefit from momentum and the 100% matching bonuses.

This is one of the reasons I suggest using an outsourcing center like Pinoy Recruiting for building your Penny Matrix downline. Checkout this video, or any others from Tracy Davidson, the owner of Pinoy Recruiters. This was a major determining factor in my decision to join Penny Matrix.

Is Penny Matrix for You?

Personally this is your decision. I believe Penny Matrix can not only be a great income opportunity but also a good feeder program for your other opportunities. One of the major challenges in working with people new to network marketing or those not used to making an income from their own business is belief.

If you start people out with a believable level of income from an opportunity like Penny Matrix and lead them to making perhaps a few hundred dollars, then they will follow you.

If you sell them on a high priced opportunity giving them an expectation of making a thousand dollars a day when they have never made a hundred dollars in a day, you can bet that they will first have to build belief first before they take any confident action… this may be difficult to do before the person gets frustrated and quits due to no income.

Food for thought…

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